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Guided mountain walking tours in Bulgaria Bulgarian mountains are known as the walker’s paradise! Whether you are coming on a guided (escorted) walking holiday or you opt for a self-guided (“inn-to-inn”) hiking vacation you will always take advantage on the treking along thousands of kilometres of waymarked trails, offering access to remote and beautiful alpine terrain. Ancient mountain villages, spectacular granite peaks, soft green slopes, cool forests, quick-flowing rivers and crystal-clear blue lakes, mineral springs and bioreserves, rare plants and animals and an intact old world culture are some of the treasures of mountainous Bulgaria. Bulgaria has 37 mountains: the highest one (being also the highest on the Balkan Peninsula) is Rila Mountains (Mt. Musala – 2 925 m) and the biggest one – Balkan Mountains (appr. 550 km long and 30-60km wide). Each mountain has its own characteristic appearance, fascination and beautiful name.

Hiking Trek In The Pirin & Rila Mountains (Guided Tour) This trek is in two mountain chains with Balkan Peninsula’s highest peaks, enormous national parks, rare vegetation and rich animal life. *** BESTSELLER *** GUARANTEED DEPARTURES FOR 2013. view more »

Daily Guided HikingTours To Rila And Vitosha Mountains (Guided Tours) One-day hiking tours from Sofia to Vitosha and Rila mountains. Moderate walking treks to the highest peaks in both mountains (Cherni Vryh in Vitosha Mountains – 2290m and Musala in Rila Mountains – 2925m), incl. visit to the area of The Seven Rila Lakes and Rila Monastery. The highest places in Bulgaria at your own pace. view more »

Hiking Trek In Vitosha, Pirin & Rodopi Mountains (Guided Tour) An easier tour compared to the hiking in Rila & Pirin mountains, well balanced with more sightseeing and culture elements in addition to the pure walking stages… Three completely different mountains… view more »

Vitosha, Rila And Pirin – The Great Snowshoeing Adventure (Guided Tour) Explore the beauty of nature amidst the magic of winter. Experience the serenity of the spectacular winter backcountry in three of the most appreciated mountains in Bulgaria – Vitosha Nature Park, Pirin and Rila National Parks. Enjoyable activity that anyone who can walk will quickly master. view more »

Private Custom Group, Individual & Family Tours Organisation of fully customized guided hiking tours in Bulgaria. Tailored walking itineraries for groups, individuals and families based on special requirements by the clients. Tailored private tours for groups, families and individuals.