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Horseriding (equestrian) holidays in Bulgaria In the riding bases we use in Bulgaria you will find itineraries for riders wishing to try everything, from beginners to advanced: from combined inn-to-inn trekking in the mountains to centre-based riding with daily lessons with helpful guides that will make you feel comfortable in the saddle even if this is your fist ride. There are quite many possibilities for rides or simple walks, making the choice to decide among them really hard but also exciting regarding the multitude of experiences they all offer!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BOOKING A RIDING TOUR or what makes us stand out from our competitors:

– Unlike our competitors we do not use untrained horses that normally graze alone in the mountains and are only brought down when there is a group of riders coming (i.e. valid for literally all tours held in Rodopi Mountains!). We use healthy horses, which have been especially selected through the years to handle mountainous terrains but also to be accustomed to different riders, who change every week. Throughout the riding season they all follow a program, which allows them to rest between the harder treks and to be in a perfect shape all the time. – Unlike our competitors we do not use untrained students for riding guides, which are doing this only occasionally and change with each group, affecting as a result the care for the general physical condition of the horses. Our riding guides are professional and this is what they do all year round. They are grown up in the mountains with horses as a natural part of their daily life and they are together all over the year. They know exactly what they can expect of each horse and they know the mountains like the back of one’s hand. – Can you afford yourself paying more to stay in a luxury lodge with neither personal attention by the hosts nor English-speaking guides during your tour or paying considerably less just to see your horses had been grazing free in the mountains just a couple of days prior to your departure and your riding guide has problems with unsaddling or general orientation in the mountains? Our prices are kept to a level which will guarantee the best quality of your riding holiday. We do guarantee quality and stand behind our tours. Our competitors – don’t! – We put special attention on the safety and quality of our tours as we believe this is the ultimate combination which will make your holiday a most memorable one. Experience the finest riding tours in Bulgaria with us!

Balkan Trail This tour is following the ancient trails that for hundreds of years have connected the North of Bulgaria with its Southern parts. Classical equestrian trek in two mountains view more »

Balkan Rides (Stationery Holiday) The riding base, is situated on the northern side of the Balkan Mountains, facing the most fantastic panorama towards the range of the highest peak in the mountains – Mt. Botev (2376m a.s.l.), and Central Balkan National Park. A holiday for riders of all levels of experience. The best option for beginners & advanced view more »

Trail To The Singing Rocks Reserve An equestrian adventure in the heart of the Balkan Mountains and the Central Balkan National Park, where lies the impressive reserve called The Singing Rocks. This is an exceptional… Mountain adventure trek view more »

Trail To Mt. Botev Through “Hell And Paradise” Are you ready for a unique nature experience and are you ready for a riding challenge? Off the beaten horse riding tracks in the Balkan Mountains view more »

Panorama Trail Scenic horseback riding on the top of the mountains in the Central Balkan National Park. A breathtaking and challenging ride view more »

Family Nature Adventure Imagine you and your family in a tipi camp with the horses grazing around you and dinner cooked over open fire. Do you enjoy outdoor life and activities? Summer weeks for horse loving outdoor families. view more »

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