Tours Around Bulgaria


Guided sightseeing tours around Bulgaria The turbulent history of Bulgaria, influenced by its crossroad location between Europe and Asia, offers a variety of places of interest to be explored – either monasteries and churches (some of them more than 10 centuries old), or museum villages from the Revival Period declared architectural reserves in recent days… but not only. Bulgaria has a lot more to offer: ancient Thracian tombs and sanctuaries, unique nature and diverse landscapes changing every 50km, vast mountains, deep gorges and sinister caves, unique traditions and cuisine, special local brands of wine and brandy etc. Roundtrips are the best way to explore many of the country’s places of interest, accompanied by a guide (or just a driver) for limited time.

Bulgaria on a Budget (5 days) Tour the most famous sites in Western Bulgaria on a very attractive price. Can be organized every day from April till October. view more »

Classic Tour Of Bulgaria (8 days) Majestic mountains crossed by valleys steeped in the fragrance of Gallic roses, vineyards bordering on broad, smiling sandy beaches… Oh yes. This is Bulgaria! From 480 Euro/person view more »

Bulgaria – Ancient Times, Monasteries & Nature (8 days) Classical journey through the history of Bulgaria. Millennia and centuries will pass in front of your eyes while exploring museum-villages, ancient monasteries, tombs and sanctuaries Experience Bulgaria at its best view more »

Bulgaria – Cultural Discovery And Hiking Adventure (8 days) Bulgaria lies at the heart of Balkans but remains off the beaten track of cultural excursions. This is, however, an advantage. Memories remain intimate and are not lost amongst the clamour of the crowd. The best mixture of sightseeing and light hiking view more »

Bulgaria In The Heritage List Of UNESCO (8 days) Itinerary, focused on the oustanding Bulgarian UNESCO sites and loads of other famous historycal and cultural sites. Explore the 9 world heritage sites in Bulgaria view more »

Grand Tour of Bulgaria (12 days) From the mountains to the sea, this journey is a dive into the turbulent history of Bulgaria, its lively traditions and attractive cultural monuments. A 12-day comprehensive tour view more »

In The Footsteps Of The Thracian Kings (9 days) The religious cult of Orpheus and Dionysus was given to the world by the Thracian tribes. Their incorrigible spirit of freedom is reflected in the immortal deeds of Spartacus while their skills in crafting fine jewellery have transcended all national boundaries. Explore the Thracian heritage.